Myth vs. Fact: Islam Religion

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Islam is a violent religion that endorses killing infidels.


Critics of Islam quote aggressive passages of Islam’s holy book, the Qu’ran and splice verses, taking them out of context to justify this falsity. Though there are such verse, as there are in the Bible, Muslims overwhelmingly live by the peaceful verses in scripture and teachings.

People using religion to perpetrate violence can be found in all extremist sections of religions. For example, Christian groups, such as the KKK, have taken verses out of context from the Bible to endorse slavery and racism. We saw this most recently in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Slaves, accept the authority of your masters with all deference, not only those who are kind and gentle but also those who are harsh. For it is a credit to you, being aware of God, you endure pain while suffering unjustly. If you endure when you are beaten for doing wrong, what credit is that? But if you endure when you do right and suffer for it, you have God’s approval.” (1 Pet. 2:18-29)

Similarly, the most exploited verse of the Qu’ran is 9:5 “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them and blockade them, and watch for them at every lookout….” But if you read the next verse “Those with whom you have treaties are immune from attack.” It further states, “Fulfill your treaties with them to the end of their term, for God loves the conscientious.”

And let’s throw in some historical context – At the time these verses were revealed, Muslims had left Mecca after persecution from very specific tribes. God was giving permission for self-defense if the treaties signed were broken, but to honor treaties made without violence.


Muslims are new to the United States.


58% of U.S. Muslims are immigrants. The first large scale wave of Muslims in the U.S. were slaves from Africa. It is estimated that 20-30% of slaves were Muslims

and were forcibly converted to Christianity. The majority of Muslims in the United States are African American. From 1972 to 1924, Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, mainly Lebanon and Syria arrived in large numbers primarily to the Midwest. The census from 1900 shows 50 Muslims in Sioux Falls, SD! The first mosque (house of worship) was built in Ross, North Dakota in 1929. There is still a cemetery there. The oldest standing mosque in the U.S. is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa built in 1934. (History Detectives: Islam In America,


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