Take Action on SB 103

State senator Stace Nelson has brought a bill in South Dakota that bans students who are “unlawfully present” from attending public universities. If passed, this would have a devastating effect on the future of South Dakota’s undocumented youth who are striving to take the next step in education.


SB 103: “prohibit aliens who are not lawfully present in the united states from attending any public postsecondary educational institution or from receiving certain educational financial assistance.” Click here to read the bill

Contact your state senator today and ask them to vote no on sb 103! Every person has the right to talk to his/her elected official regardless of immigration status.

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Sample script:

Dear Senator X:

My name is x. I am asking you to oppose SB 103 which bans access to higher education for “unlawfully present” people in SD. This robs people in our state education and a path to make a better life. Only two states have a similar ban, AL and SC. In addition, if DACA is not protected by Congress, DACA recipients/DREAMers will lose access to higher ed, too. The majority of DREAMers go to post secondary school.  Unlawfully present people do not have access to federal loans and have to foot the entire bill. Don’t force them to go to neighboring states to pursue their dreams. Thank you.  



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