Oppose SCR 13

Emergency action alert:

Oppose SCR 13 “recognizing root cause of global terrorism is the religion of islam”

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, a Xenophobic and Islamophobic resolution will be heard on the senate floor at 2pm.  

You can do two things

1. Show up to Pierre, sd by 1:45pm to sit in the Senate gallery.

2. Contact your senator via email immediately and ask them to vote no on scr 13

Remember, every person has the right to talk to his/her elected official regardless of immigration status.

Sample script:

If emailing, include the following in your subject line
RE: Your Constituent from District X to OPPOSE SCR 13 (Click Find your senator tab for district)
Dear Senator,

-The war on terrorism is a war perpetrated by political ideologies that kill everyone in their way; just as the KKK brandished its beliefs of Christianity to make sure people of color would be terrorized in the US.

-Muslims are the most greatly affected group by global terrorism – they have died in the hundreds of thousands worldwide by heinous bombings and killings and face hate crimes because of the xenophobic rhetoric imposed against the religion.

-The religion of Islam is a peaceful religion practiced by over 1.5 billion people from around the world.

-Shariah is the guiding principles of the Islam, much like Christianity’s 10 Commandments.

-Shariah does not allow for the taking of innocent lives, which is why 1.5 billion peaceful followers of the religion of Islam are non violent.

-Pew Research finds that 1 in 10 countries in the world have laws penalizing apostasy (leaving a religion) ranging from nothing, fines and death.

-Executions for leaving a religion is RARE – 4 cases in 1985, 1 in Sudan (1985), 2 in Iran (1989 and 1998) and 1 in Saudi Arabia (see “laws Criminalizing Apostasy” in the Library of Congress) in 2014.

-Attacks against Muslims, South Asian, Sikh, Hindu, Arab and Middle Eastern communities in the US were up a staggering 45 percent in 2017 (See SAALT “Communities on Fire).

-Using xenophobic and Islamophobic statements put our Muslim communities and our Muslim children of jeopardy of hate crimes.

-American Muslims fight in our US military to fight terrorism, have lost their lives doing so and Muslims died on 9/11 as did thousands of others from different faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

South Dakota does not need a statement of hatred stamped across our state government.

Thank you,


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