Say No To SB 193

Who:  Senate Judiciary Committee

What: Senate Bill 193:  forcing “local governmental units” to report the immigration status of all people.

When:  Thursday, February 22 @ 9:30 am 

Where:  In the capitol building in Pierre, SD 

Why:  last week house bill 1260, the mirror of Senate Bill 193 was sent to the 41stday (killed) on a vote of 11-2. Now the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear a similar bill.  

If passed SB 193 this will fuel the flame of fear and anxiety of all of our immigrant communities, by potentially increasing racial profiling by police, public universities, school boards, community health centers and public defenders offices!

Please contact your senator and the senate judiciary committee immediately and politely ask them to vote no on SB 193.  

Every person has the right to talk to his/her elected official regardless of immigration status.

Find your senator here: http://sdlegislature.Gov/legislators/who_are_my_legislators/default.Aspx?Session=2018

 Senate judiciary committee members here: R 2 D 18 R 25 R 19 R 10 R 17 R 30


Sample script: 

If emailing, include the following in your subject line re: SB 193

Dear Senator x:

My name is x. 

I am asking you to oppose Senate Bill 193, which mandates local governmental units to verify immigration status of all persons.

This bill has no language about criminals or criminal law enforcement. The way it is written it will affect all immigrants in our state including us citizens of color.

All SD police departments automatically hand over documented and undocumented immigrants with deportation orders to the appropriate federal agents and therefore this is an unnecessary bill. All it does it increase anxiety and fear of all of our immigrant communities and us citizens of color.

Immigration enforcement and verifying immigration status is a federal jurisdiction issue.

In fact, the department of homeland security issued a “sensitive locations” memo which clearly articulates that ice will not enforcement immigration laws in schools, churches, hospitals etc. 

This bill flies in the face of that memo–by south dakota codified law, “local governmental unit” is defined as, “any political subdivision of this state including a county, township, municipality, or other unit of government, if the political subdivision provides local government services for residents in a geographically limited area of this state as its primary purpose and has the power to act primarily on behalf of that area.” This could include school boards, police departments, sheriff’s offices, community health centers, city councils, etc.

This creates an unwelcoming south dakota where we already have a workforce shortage. Immigrants have several options where they will plant their roots in a community and contribute to its economy. This bill pushes them away.

Please vote no on SB 193. Racial profiling is a failed policy and an unflattering look for South Dakota with economic impacts for our state.



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